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UET ECAT Registration 2022 | UET ECAT 2022 Registration Procedure

UET( University of engineering & technology) is one of the biggest universities in Pakistan & every year thousands of new students got admission to UET in different programs of Engeenierng and got a chance to change their lives by becoming the part of the great legacy of UET.

What is ECAT | What is MDCAT?

ECAT or MDCAT is a type of test which every student of engineering and medicine have to pass to get admission to universities for higher education.

ECAT Syllabus 2022:

The syllabus of these tests includes the fundamental concepts of the course of matric and intermediate but, some subjects are more important to cover to pass ECAT/MDCAT. For ECAT students (physics, chemistry, computer & maths) are considered the most important portion of the ECAT test because ECAT test is only concerned about science subjects, not with arts subjects. MDCAT Syllabus 2022: The syllabus scheme of MDCAT is also similar to ECAT the only difference is that MDCAT is a test for medical students so, the MDCAT entry test is only concerned with (Biology, Chemistry & Physics). ECAT/MDCAT Paper Pattern: ECAT/MDCAT paper is an MCQ-based paper that has a total of 400 marks. Each Mcq carries 4 marks and 1 wrong question will give you -1.

Eligibility for ECAT/MDCAT:

There are no specific eligibility criteria for ECAT or MDCAT. The only thing which restricts students is their academic history. Those students who came from I.C.S or Pre-Engineering backgrounds are allowed to sit in the ECAT exam. And, students who have medical background are allowed to sit in the MDCAT exam. Students of Arts are not allowed to sit in both of them.

UET ECAT Registration:

If you want to register yourself for the UET ECAT exam you have to follow this simple procedure.

ECAT Registration FEE:

The registration fee for UET ECAT is usually around 1500 Rs.

UET ECAT 2022 Registration Procedure:

1)1st you need a token for registration. You will get this token from HBL U.E.T Branch.
2) Go to the UET website and fill in your information and it will generate your ECAT roll no slip.
3) Print the slip and appear in the exam.


The registration dates and the test dates for UET ECAT are not released yet. Normally ECAT test is conducted 1 month before the final board will inform you about them as soon as officials share them.