MSc Part 2 Past Papers

MSc Part 2 Past Papers Punjab University | Year 2013 to Year 2022

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Botany Advance Plant Anatomy

Botany Environmental Biology

Botany Molecular Genetics

Botany Plant Anatomy and Taxonomy of Angiosperms

Botany Plant Physiology

Botany Plant Tissue Culture and Its Agricultural Applications

Chemistry Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry Applied Chemistry

Chemistry Biochemistry

Chemistry Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry Organic Chemistry

Chemistry Physical Chemistry

Gender Studies Gender and Environment

Gender Studies Gender, Education and Economic Empowerment

Gender Studies Research Methods 2

Gender Studies Violence against Women and Counseling of Women in distress

Gender Studies Women in Work and Business

Geography Fundamentals of GIS

Geography Hydro Geography

Geography Pakistan

Geography Pleistocene Geomorphology

Geography Population Geography

Geography Regional Study North America

Geography Regional Study South Asia

Geography Tourism Geography

Geography Urban Geography and Planning

Mathematics Advanced Analysis

Mathematics Advanced Functional Analysis

Mathematics Computer Applications

Mathematics ElectromagneticTheory

Mathematics Fluid Mechanics

Mathematics Group Theory

Mathematics Mathematical Statistics

Mathematics Methods of Mathematical Physics

Mathematics Number Theory

Mathematics Numerical Analysis

Mathematics Operations Research

Mathematics Quantum Mechanics

Mathematics Rings and Modules

Mathematics Solid Mechanics

Mathematics Special Theory of Relativity and Analytical Dynamics

Mathematics Special Theory of Relativity and Analytical Mechanics

Mathematics Theory of Approximation and Splines '

Mathematics Theory of Optimization

Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management Database Management Information System and Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management Sustainable Development

Mountain Conversation and Watershed Management Environmental Impact Assessment and Research Methods and Techniques

Physical Education Leadership in Sports

Physical Education Measurement Evaluation in Physical Education

Physical Education Method of Research in Physical Education

Physical Education Movement Education Bio Mechanics

Physical Education Psychology of Sports

Physics Advance Electronics

Physics Classical Electrodynamics

Physics Computational Physics

Physics Nuclear Physics

Physics Particle Physics 1

Physics Particle Physics 2

Physics Relativity and Cosmology

Physics Solid State Physics 1

Physics Solid State Physics 2

Physics Statistical Physics

Social Work Human Rights

Social Work Medical And Psychiatric Social Work

Social Work NGO Management And Leadership

Social Work Option 2 Human Rights

Social Work Population Planning

Social Work Rural Community Development

Social Work Social Legislation

Social Work Social Policy Planning And Welfare Administration

Social Work Social Research Methods 2

Social Work Social Statistics And Computer Application

Space Science Astrophysics and Cosmology

Space Science Electrodynamics and Space Plasma

Space Science Geographic Information System

Space Science Space Systems and their Applications

Space Science Telecommunication and Satellite Communication

Sport Sciences and Physical Education Exercise Physiology

Sport Sciences and Physical Education Fitness and Wellness

Sport Sciences and Physical Education Leadership in Sports

Sport Sciences and Physical Education Measurement and Evaluation in Sports

Sport Sciences and Physical Education Methods of Research in Sports

Sport Sciences and Physical Education Science of Track and Field

Statistics Data Processing and Computer Programming

Statistics Multivariate Analysis

Statistics Operations Research

Statistics Regression Analysis and Econometrics

Statistics Statistical Inference

Statistics Statistical Quality Control

Statistics Survey and Report Writing

Statistics Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Tourism and Hospitality Management Eco Tourism

Tourism and Hospitality Management Event Management

Tourism and Hospitality Management Hotel Management Accounting

Tourism and Hospitality Management Marketing and Advertising

Tourism and Hospitality Management Research Method and Techniques

Tourism and Hospitality Management Room Division Management

Zoology Apiculture

Zoology Applied Fisheries

Zoology Biological And Chemical Control Of Insects

Zoology Cancer Biology

Zoology Cell and Molecular Biology

Zoology Classification Insects Pest Agriculture Pest Management

Zoology Communicable Dieases Environmental Health

Zoology Entomology A Morphology Phsiology And Ecology

Zoology Entomology B Classifucation Of Insects And pest Management

Zoology Environmental Biology

Zoology Evolution and Principles of Systematic Zoology

Zoology Fish Disease And Health Management

Zoology Fish Physiology And Breeding

Zoology Fundamentals Of Microbiology

Zoology Human Embryology And Teratology

Zoology Immunology

Zoology Integrated Pest Management

Zoology Mammalogy

Zoology Microbiology A General Microbiology

Zoology Microbiology B Applied Microbiology

Zoology Molecular And Clinical Endrocrinology

Zoology Molecular Biology

Zoology Molecular Clinical Endocrinology

Zoology Morphology Physiology And Ecology

Zoology Physiological Systems And Adaptation

Zoology Physiology Of Coordination

Zoology Pollution Monitoring

Zoology Principles of Fish Biology

Zoology Vector Biology

Zoology Virology And Viruses

Zoology Zoogeography and Principles of Palaeontology