PU MA Part 1 Past Papers 2015-2022

Punjab University MA Part one Past Papers 2015-2022

List of all M.A Part 1 Past Paper (original old Exams Past Paper) of university of Punjab Lahore
Arabic Al Adab Al Deeni
Arabic Al Insha Wa Al Mohadisa
Arabic Al Nasar Al Hadith
Arabic Al Nasar Al Qadim
Arabic Tatbeek Al Qawaid Alarabia
Archaeology Ancient Art and Architecture of South Asia Before Muslim Invasion
Archaeology Ancient History of Pakistan and India
Archaeology Ancient World Civilizations
Archaeology Archaeology Tourism in Pakistan
Archaeology Field Archaeology and Museology
Archaeology Palaeography, Epigraphy, Calligraphy and Painting
Archaeology Pre and Proto History of Pakistan
Botany Microbiology, Phycology and Bryology
Diplomacy and Strategic Studies Dynamics and Issues of International Economy
Diplomacy and Strategic Studies Research Methodology
Diplomacy and Strategic Studies Strategic Issues of Pakistan Foreign Policy
Diplomacy and Strategic Studies Theories and Concept of International Relations
Diplomacy and Strategic Studies Theories and Dimensions of Strategy
Diplomacy and Strategic Studies Theories and Practice of Diplomacy
Economics Islamic Economic
Economics Macro Economic
Economics Major Issues in Pakistan Economy
Economics Mathematical Economics
Economics Micro Economic
Economics Statistics for Economists
Education Elementary Assessment and Evaluation
Education Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Education Elementary Educational Psychology and Guidance
Education Elementary Foundations of Education
Education Elementary General Methods of Teaching
Education Elementary Leadership and Management in Elementary Schools
Education Elementary Research Methods in Education
English American Literature
English Classical Poetry
English Drama
English Novel
English Prose
Fine Arts History of European Painting
Fine Arts History of Muslim Painting with Special Emphesis on Mughal Painting
Fine Arts Techniques of Painting
French Culture et Civilization
French Francais des Professions
French Initiation à la linguistique
French Panorama de la litterature
French Techniques d' expression orale/écrite
History Early History of Islam
History Government and Politics in Pakistan 1947 1999
History Muslim Struggle for Independence 1858 1947
History Research Methodology and Historiography
History State and Society in Muslim India 1206 1707
International Relations Foreign Policy Analysis
International Relations International Law
International Relations International Relations since 1945
International Relations Introduction and Issues of International Relations
International Relations Theories of International Relations
Islamic Studies Al Hadith ul Sharif
Islamic Studies Al Quran ul Hakeem
Islamic Studies Arabic Language and Literature
Islamic Studies Comparative Study of Religions
Islamic Studies Islamic History
Kashmiriyat Classical Poetry of Kashmir
Kashmiriyat Geology and Geography of Kashmir
Kashmiriyat History of Evolution of Kashmiri Prose
Kashmiriyat Kashmiri Language and Linguistics
Kashmiriyat The Political History of Kashmir
Mass Communication Communication 1
Mass Communication Designing of News Page
Mass Communication Language and Communication
Mass Communication Media History
Mass Communication National and International Affairs
Mass Communication News Technique and Tradition
Persian 1
Persian Adabiyat e Maasir e Farsi
Persian Dasioor e Zaban e Farsi Wa Tarjama
Persian Naqad e Adebi e Farsi
Persian Nasar e Classic e Farsi
Persian Shair e Classic e Farsi
Philosophy History of Modern Western Philosophy
Philosophy Logic
Philosophy Moral Philosophy
Philosophy Muslim Philosophy
Philosophy Problems of Philosophy
Political Science Comparative and Developmental Politics
Political Science Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan
Political Science International Relations
Political Science Modern Political Thought Muslim
Political Science Western Political Thought
Punjabi Classical Poetry
Punjabi Deen Tay Tasswauf
Punjabi Khasoori Mutalia Waris Shah
Punjabi Nasar Qadim Tay Jadeed
Punjabi Tareekh Adab
Urdu Afsanvi Nasar O Drama
Urdu Afsanvi Nasr Drama
Urdu Arbi Zuban o Adab
Urdu Arbi Zuban o Adab ka Khususi Mutalaa
Urdu Asaleeb Nasar
Urdu Asaleeb Nasar e Urdu
Urdu Classical Shaeree
Urdu Farsi Zuban o Adab
Urdu Farsi Zuban o Adab ka Khususi Mutalaa
Urdu Mir O Ghalib Key Shaeree Ka Khususi Mutalaa
Urdu Tareekh Zaban O Adab
Urdu Tareekh Zaban O Adab e Urdu
Urdu Urdu Shaeree Classic Ehd Main